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Sacco, Mike Raley's (209)722-3689(209)722-0267 
Saelee, Nai Seivert & Associates (209)383-7401 
Sahlman, Lisa Hilmar Cheese Company (209)667-6076(209)634-1408 
Salvadori, Mike (SA) Century 21 - Salvadori Realty (209)383-6475(209)383-0245 
Samons, Emily Milan Institute (209)230-9420 
Samra, Mandeet WestAmerica Bank (209)384-6880(209)384-3568 
Sanchez, Felice VIA Adventures, Inc. (209)384-1315(209)384-7441 
Sanchez, Rudy Horisons Unlimited Health Care (209)261-5119(209)383-5700 
Sandavol, Jeannette Evergreen Funeral Home and Memorial Park (209)383-7488(209)724-9090 
Sandoval, Joel Safeway Inc (209)381-2716(209)381-2719 
Sandoval, Stephannie Kirby Manufacturing Inc (209)723-0778(209)723-3941 
Sawyer, Penny WestMed College (209)386-6300(209)384-6167 
Saxon, Adam Image Masters (209)723-1691(209)723-9726 
Schanze, Bob Supreme Lending (209)626-4690(209)725-2972 
Schanze, Jeff Supreme Lending (209)489-8635(209)725-2972 
Schanze, Mark Supreme Lending (209)626-4690(209)725-2972 
Schmidt, Victoria Berliner Cohen Attorneys at Law (408)938-2449(209)385-3789 
Schoonhoven, Kevin Interwest Insurance Services, Inc. (209)724-2329(209)381-2529 
Schrieber, Mark PROtech Security & Electronics, Inc. (209)388-9584(209)723-7740 
Schumann, Keith Saputo Dairy Foods USA, Inc. (209)854-6461(209)854-6412 
Seabury, Bill SCORE c/o Modesto Chamber of Commerce (510)913-2341 
Seivert, Mark Seivert & Associates (209)383-7401 
Service, Customer Saputo Dairy Foods USA, Inc. (214)863-2303(209)854-6412 
Sharp, Celeste Merco Credit Union (209)233-4975(209)723-6213 
Shaw, Becky Merced Faculty Associates Medical Group, Inc. (209)725-7149(209)384-0363 
Shedd, Ron The Cooling Shedd Air Conditioning Co (209)723-2749(209)723-3143 
Shepard, Robin Merced College (209)381-6470(209)384-6043 
Shepherd, Michelle American Powder Coating Company (209)722-3457(209)722-3455 
Silva, Edward Ed Silva Farms (209)777-5086(209)722-0332 
Silva, Nancy Ed Silva Farms (209)722-7738(209)722-0332 
Silveira, David Hinds Hospice (209)383-3123(209)383-5308 
Silveira, Lyat Hinds Hospice (209)383-3123(209)383-5308 
Singh, Paramjeet Paramjeet Singh - Century 21 M & M and Associates (209)564-9999 
Siverly, Tom Great Spaces USA (209)384-1337(209)384-1867 
Skidmore, Denise Hilmar Cheese Company (209)667-6076(209)634-1408 
Smith, Christina Merced County Assoc.of Governments (209)723-3153(209)723-0322 
Smith, Farrell Greif Inc (209)383-4396(209)383-5204 
Smith, Judy Merced Symphony Association (209)383-3277 
Smith, Justi State Farm Insurance - Justi Smith (209)383-3208(209)383-5191 
Smith, Marc Fluetsch & Busby Insurance (209)722-1541(209)723-8189 
Smith, Michelle Merced County Human Services (209)385-3000(209)383-6925 
Smith, Ron Ron Smith Buick-Pontiac-GMC-Jeep (209)725-5050(209)725-5069 
Smith, Scott Scott A Smith DDS (209)722-2367(209)722-2492 
Smith, Steve Costco Wholesale Warehouse (209)819-0724(209)725-5033 
Smith, Thomas Pacific Gas & Electric (209)726-6393(209)726-6307 
Smith, Tony Supreme Lending (209)626-4690(209)725-2972 
Smith-Jenkins, Ashley AuREUS Consultants, Inc. (209)230-5818(209)230-5104 
Sorensen, Jon Pacifica Senior Living-Merced (209)384-9700(209)384-9111 
Sorge, Jan Habitat for Humanity of Merced County (209)769-1884 
Souza, Bob N & S Tractor (209)383-5888 
Spangler, David Mid Valley IT (209)230-3221(877)834-1320 
Spencer, Stewart Callister, Hendricks & Spencer (209)722-8126(209)722-0672 
Spera, Chris McLane Pacific, Inc. (209)725-2500 
Spicer, Greg Merced City School District (209)385-6600(209)385-6393 
Spinardi, Ed Spinardi & Jones, Accountancy Corporation (209)722-7429(209)722-2800 
Stapp, Lorelei Smith & Stapp (209)383-3955(209)383-2356 
Stapp, Lorelei Strings Italian Cafe (209)383-9777(209)383-2356 
Stapp, Ron Strings Italian Cafe (209)383-9777(209)383-2356 
Steen, Mike AuREUS Consultants, Inc. (209)230-5818(209)230-5104 
Stefani, Joe NATIONS LENDING (209)564-8641 
Stefani, Lawrence UBS Financial Services, Inc. (209)723-3911(209)383-1117 
Steffen, Ted Creative Voice & Data Networking (209)723-6047(209)384-9823 
Sterling, John Alpha Media, LLC - KUBB 96.3 / HOT 104.7 (209)383-7900(209)723-8461 
Stewart, Robert Delta-Sierra Beverage (209)522-9011(209)523-2149 
Stewart Jr, Don Delta-Sierra Beverage (209)522-9011(209)523-2149 
Stinson, Rita Winton Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance (209)394-7925(209)394-8037 
Suarez, Jaime Blood Source - Merced County (209)724-0428(209)722-8461 
Sweigard, John Merced Irrigation District (209)722-5761(209)726-7010 

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