Merced-Bike City

10 Years Back-Tour of California In 2009, Merced was one of the cities for the 2009 world-class Tour of California that came to the city. On February 2009, the Tour, including the hero of those days, Lance Armstrong, raced through Merced. A decade ago, the Tour of California was really among the country’s premier cycling […]


My feet thrust in the air, I stared at the needle sticking out of my foot framed against the backdrop of the Gowanus Canal while a woman in the next room loudly whispered about her venereal disease. I tried to shut it out by thinking about my creative projects. Any of them. Obscure ones. About […]


Before the advent of online news and entertainment, advertising and its cousin, public relations, were like pornography: You generally knew it when you saw it. But with the ever-increasing torrent of Internet “content” splashed across the Web, much of it not only corporate-sponsored but corporate-created, sussing the actual message from this medium gets pretty tricky. So how […]


In my continuing discussion of success in work from home careers today I want to cover the power of reflection. The Slight Edge philosophy focuses on ‘the now’, about realizing there is only ever really now. The choices we make in each moment are what lead to the path of success. How to reflect on your […]


Years ago, the owner of a New York department store said that half of the advertising dollars he spent annually were wasted. He said his problem was that he didn’t know which half. The following video tells you more about the basics of advertising: Today there is good reason to believe the wasted portion is […]